Most memorable and meaningful lines from Avril's songs...

avril - avril in jeans ;)
May 24, 2008 9:21am CST
Here's a thread where you can post your favorite lyrics from Avril Lavigne's songs. AS FOR ME, this is my favorite:I don't know how I'll feel, tomorrow, tomorrow, I don't know what to say, tomorrow, tomorrow Is a different day[TOMORROW - title]This became my favorite when the happenings between my crush and I grew more exciting - when my hope seems to grow stronger one minute, then fades the other minute.
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• Philippines
24 May 08
i think theres a bunch of her songs that i count it meaningful.. =) ** is there anyone tryin` to find me? wont somebody come take me home? ~ yee, its like desperate or sumthin`.. ^^ ** and noOne wants to be alone ~ am i right or am i right? :P ** its much of them.. though i cant remember them.. im not into her anymore.. i was hating her since the time she became like madonna? x_x
• Philippines
26 May 08
There really are alot of 'em meaningful. They're really just express much of our feelings which makes them fun to sing. I don't really hate her. I don't care what she becomes, as long as she continues to write great songs. =D Anyway, we've our own reasons for loving/hating her. THANKS!
• Philippines
13 Jun 08
I am a big fan of Avril Lavigne ever since she started. Most of her songs were meaningful to me. One of my favorite lines was: ...Isn't anyone try and find me won't somebody come take me home
• China
4 Jun 08
I like her songs.It feels best.can you give me some songs of her that you think good.I an new one.
@figjam00 (1446)
• India
3 Jun 08
I am a big fan of Avril's songs. Some of her songs are very deep and meaningful and thought provoking. In my view Avril's best touching song is "When you are gone". This song is awesome and its video is great. Whenever watch video of this song it makes me emotional.