An article about- the wolf boy

@16031981 (449)
May 24, 2008 3:38pm CST
in our news round up this chid was born with a problem "an 11 yr old boy who has hair that is up to three inches long all over his body wants to find a cure. he suffers from werewolf syndrome. it is one of thw worlds rarest genetic conditions thuoght to affect jus 1 in a biilion people. since the age of 10 he has under gone several different treatments including Ailopathy, Homiopathy and Ayurveda and most recently laser treatment but none have cured his condition. he has been teased for his wolf appearance he said and stared at every where he goes. it was mentioned that there are only 50 people worldwide that are know suffering from congenital hypertrichosis, which makes hair grow all over the face and body.................. Have you heard of any causes simular to this?
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