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May 24, 2008 6:34pm CST
Hi, I'm currently in my last year of high school and I've gotten a couple of admission offers from universities. The offer is for studies in psychology in the faculty of science. This is something I'm really passionate about and I truly do want to pursue this degree for the knowledge alone. However I have heard countless stories of people not being able to find any work after they finish their degree in psychology; I often i hear it described as employment purgatory. So i was hoping if someone could shed any light on this; any information about anything related to this would help. Thanks
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• United States
25 May 08
Congratulations on getting offers to universities. I would be celebrating if I were you. :) To be honest, I think that psychology will be more of an uphill climb than, if you were to be, say, an engineer in the U.S. I'm not sure what country you live in, but regardless, I strongly believe that if you pursue what you love to do, you will be successful one way or another. My friend's sister was a political science major in India, and her entire family was worried about her because everyone else was going into medicine, engineering, etc. Years down the line they couldn't be more amazed at her, because she got an offer to teach at Harvard University because of all the work she had done in her field. I know that this is the best-case scenario, but you can be certain that the people who are successes are the people willing to put the work in who are enthusiastic about their craft. Best of luck and please post how you're doing along the way! :)
• Canada
3 Jul 08
Thanks for the advice and yes im over the moon about getting in. Living in Canada iv'e found that every university has over packed psychology department so i defintly dont have to worry about competition. After talking to some of my teachers they had very similar advice, find something u like and pursue it with passsion. As for next years i dont hvae many choices in what i get to do the university i selected (University of British Columbia) makes all first year science students take essentially all science courses their first year; beyond that i think i will pursue psychology under the faculty of science. P.S. Sorry about the prolonged response ive been barried under year end exams and other graduation activities.
@_Honey_ (781)
• Philippines
25 May 08
I'm not pretty sure how it goes in your country but here in the Phil, jobs related to psychology can be found everywhere. From HR related jobs, to school and even in medical field. You can also find some in government and even in law office. First, you might want to identify in what field you want to pursue this job. I for example, have a degree in Clinical Psychology and am supposed to pursue it in medical setting- dealing with emotionally disturbed patients. However, I haven't taken up Masters Degree yet and currently enjoying in the field of Industrial HR. In case, I stepped out of this field, i can take up my Masters and try to work in a Psychiatric hospital dealing with mentally ill patients. Or, get some units in education and pursue Special Education teaching special children. this is actually a very flexible course. You just have to know how to relate your course in any field. :)
• Canada
25 May 08
I'd really like to thank you for your response. I actually really want to work as a clinical psychologist but I'm very aware of the fact it requires a degree higher than a bachelors. however i think i would be content by doing something in HR or possibly teaching; as i know thats a possibility.
@holachika (176)
14 Jun 08
Psychology is a broad field with many specializations ranging from clinical, education, human resources management, cognition and research. Given these fields, you realize that employment is not an issue. Learn much so you would be able to get the necessary knowledge to land a job after graduation. Good luck.