oops I messed up the only car we were able to drive

@TriciaW (2441)
United States
May 24, 2008 7:54pm CST
Well as must know we were down to one car. Today I was driving on the country road and for those that saw my other post it was not when I was watching the birds it was on the way back*L* Anyway there was a mud patch that went across the whole road and I had to go through it. Well I must of hit it wrong because it stalled my car. I couldn't get it started and we had to have our nephew pull it back into town. That was almost 7 hours ago and it still stalls when we put it in gear. It is bad but all I can do is laugh about it cause it was a freak thing we have been down that road tons of times and hit the same muddy area and it always worked for me before. There were no tears or yelling. I think we are getting way to used to cars breaking down*L* So keep your fingers crossed that it just needs to dry out and will be fine tomorrow. Good thing it is a long weekend and I got groceries yesterday!!
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