Youtube Legends!

United States
May 24, 2008 11:39pm CST
I took the liberty of putting Youtube Legendary Video Links and View#'s in this Discussion. please comment on your favorite, or if you like this Discussion Topic or whatever. Chocolate Rain -- - 22 Million Numa Numa -- - 14 Million Hahaha (Laughing Baby) -- - 50 Million... (WOW!) Star Wars Kid -- - 7 Million Tron Guy -- - 1 Million LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE! (Chris Crocker) -- - 20 Million Dramatic Look -- - 7 Million ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I'm not sure what animal it is, the Video reads "Dramatic Look"... I Personally like the Dramatic Look, it's a 6 Second Clip which got a few Million Views! Note: If anyone sees any Youtube Legends not Listed here, Message me, I believe I got them all though...
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