Have you been to the Carribean islands?

May 25, 2008 12:31am CST
Hi.I can only travel here in my country.I wonder if what the Carribeans look like.Are their beaches like Boracay, or Puerto Galera?
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@maximax8 (31162)
• United Kingdom
25 May 08
Yes, I have been to St Lucia with its stunning looking palm fringed beaches and tropical scenery. It is a green island with a good supply of rain to keep it looking so beautiful. Each island has a different flavor and the landscape varies a bit. I haven't been to the Philippines yet but dream of going island hopping and snorkeling there one day. I am very keen on traveling and have been to plenty of tropical islands and beaches so I am aware of how they compare with one another. The Seychelles has beaches with a picture postcard quality to them with interesting looking rocks, white sand, palm trees, an aquamarine sea and a blue sky. They are quite hilly compared to the flat tropical islands of the Maldives. Samoa, French Polynesia and the Cook Islands offer gorgous palm finged beaches. I love them all. Yes, I imagine that the Philippines has beaches as lovely as the Caribbean Islands.
• Philippines
25 May 08
thank you for a very picturesque description.I wish I can go there
@hellcowboy (7378)
• United States
25 May 08
I have never been to the Carribean Islands but I hear they are really nice,and I would love for me and my fiance to go on a vacation one day to visit the Carribean Islands so we can see their beauty for ourselves.
• Philippines
25 May 08
i also love to go to Carribean Islands. I know it is part of Europe? Correct me if i'm wrong, but one thing for sure they say it's a beautiful and romantic place. i alos long to go to Europe and travel in Paris, France. Carribean trip is one of my biggest dream too.. happy posting!! :)