Will individual's ability give you a bright future?

May 25, 2008 1:54am CST
I am a student.I thought it for granted that almost everyone nowadays should depend on their parents or relatives to get a well paid job nowadays. While recently,one of my friends said she believes she or anyone else who is ambitious and confident enough can make a bright future through hard woking. I concern much about this matter because I should convince my parents to accept my boyfriend whose family background is not quite good. So here I hope you friends ,especially who have achieved his dream through his own hard working, will let me know what the societ really is,whether we can depend on ourselves?
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• Philippines
25 May 08
There are three factors that determine what a person would be in the future -- heredity, environment and his own choices. I believe that the third factor -- his choices -- is the most important among the three. One can choose to overcome the barriers and limitations set by the other two factors. There is a song by Gloria Estafan in the '80s whose lyrics ring true, "Seal your fate with the choices you make." I don't have a good family background myself. I've seen my elders do ugly things to each other, but I don't choose to be like them. We become what we choose to be. We learn from both the positive and negative examples that our elders show us. It's up to us to choose, and I hope that we will all choose what's really good. I personally know some people who have risen from poverty to riches because of their hardwork, determination and self-discipline. One of the greatest examples of this that I've ever known is my great grandfather, Eladio Aldecoa, who rose from being a fish vendor to becoming one of the top dentists of his time. He used to be the dentist of Elpidio Quirino, one of our country's presidents and had been sent to the U.S. on scholarship for further training. He was the head of the University of the Philippines' college of dentistry. My great grandfather was just one of those people who succeeded in life because they chose to do the right thing and never allowed others to make them feel small. By the way, my great grandfather was orphaned at a very young age. I hope this inspires you.
• China
2 Jun 08
First,i want to say sorry for responding so late.I could not find my discussion topic until now.Thank you for your inspiring words. I do need real experience to assure myself. Thank you^_^
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@lilaclady (28226)
• Australia
25 May 08
I think it is nice if parents can help their children through life but I think it really is up to every individual to make their way through life, everyone is given their journey and it is really up to them to follow that journey, I believe in positive thinking and that if you want something bad enough you can make it, anyone can do anything they want it is just a case of learning how to do it...and yes work hard but you can do it...