Easier and freeer way to acces google bookmark?

@nocovi (517)
May 25, 2008 2:39am CST
There seems to be many convinent way to access google bookmark,the most familia one might be using google toolbar.But I tested that the new version of firefox,foe example 3.04 beta doesnot stand google toolbar at all,what can we do then?No worry!If you have a google account(you can register by your gmail account),and then you can check your web history,you can see a icon with these words behind; Bookmark more easily..and do as it says and left click the icon and drag it to your toolbar you can see it stays on your toolbar,now you can bookmark anything without a google toolbar!Is it more simple?And if you are using safari for windows,you can bookmark your google bookmark in your browser and then you can bookmark any page later;just click the bookmark ‘google bookmark' below the status bar of your safari and then there will be a pop-up of google bookmark with page locations completed,just click and you have done!But I tested several other web bookmarks such as delicious and they doesnot work as it,you can have a try,hope that this tip can benifit you.Good luck!
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