How did the blind people have a dream?

@Hanz08 (47)
May 25, 2008 10:07am CST
How did the blind people have a dream? as a normal person , I also cannot remember wether my dream are colorful or white and black..... Anyone?
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25 May 08
Wow, I've never thought about it! I guess they dream in just sound or something? That is, if they've been blind all their lives. My dreams are generally in colour. It's said that the colour is added after you wake up, but I often find myself commenting on the colours in my dreams while I'm dreaming (I'm often quite lucid)... though maybe that is added after the fact? Interesting topic, and I guess the answer could only really come from a blind person... though without knowing how we 'see' in dreams it might be hard to compare.
@Hanz08 (47)
• Malaysia
30 May 08
This is because I have blind friends. That's why I wonder how they have a dream....
• Mauritius
30 May 08
these people are blind but they have their right to dream, they also must be thinking if their life would have bee in another way as everyone so they must also be dreaming like us. they must be imagining as something would look like this or like that but am not sure they must be thinking these as things as they are in real as they have never seen them.