What is the greatest RELATIONSHIP?

May 25, 2008 10:15am CST
I want to satisfy myself by knowing what relationship is to be given importance. Iip said to myself it is friendship. I find home with my friends. Friendship is not limited only to the common FRIENDS, friends can be your mother, fathers, family, anybody, even GOD. In friendship, you would feel love that requires no commitment, meets no conditions,and a love that conquers odds.But still, there is something that I'm looking for a relationship. I dont know yet.
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25 May 08
A relationship's duty is to first LOVE. To make oneself a part of a person, group or cause you must first love it, or you are not truly in it. Where ever you are or whom ever you're with, -love the place that you are in both physically and mentally. .....And that my dear is the greatest relationship.