The concept of language!

By D
May 25, 2008 10:28am CST
The thing that I am trying to tell here is wague and something weired. I myself doesnt understand this and I have tried many times to understand it. The concept is " " Assuming all of ur here know english. When we hear other languages like Japanese or chinese or any other languages with different pronunciation and scripts such languages may sound funny for us. for example The japanese language has some eminent pronunciations and some may sound completely funny for us. The main thing I wanted to convey here is, why cant we hear our language ;or mother tongue or english much funny like that???..and I hope the Japanese people will hear english funny and things liek that..I have tried to hear english and my mother tongue in a same funny sound and pronunciation like other language...but I cudnt get that feeling..I suppose this feeling is supress by our subconscious mind!! abt u?
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