Broken Heart

May 26, 2008 5:02am CST
My heart is broken today and I don't know how to handle it well. It just hurts so badly inside. There's a deep sense of lost and emptiness that I can't quite grasp. I'm usually a very positive person but right at this very moment...... I can't quite see the light. I don't like to use the word "dying" but I do feel like I'm bleeding inside. Tears just keeps on sliding down my face like rain and if it should form an ocean please just let me drown in it. I just had to get that out in the open. Now if there's anyone out there who can feel my pain..... please give me some suggestions to help me get pass this. Now, I didn't get dump but I was the one who make the decision to let him go because I found him to be dishonest. If someone tells you that they love you, you would think they'll have enough sense not to let their female friends try to hook them up with other girls right?....Yeah, I thought so too but I was blinded by love.
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@sunkissed (4331)
• United States
26 May 08
Well I have been blinded by love a few times in my life also. I was in a relationship for over 8 years with my partner, when I too had to end it, it hurt me really bad.I too felt as though I was dying inside.We were living together, and I was raising his kids. But I knew he was cheating on me, though I could not prove it.Sure enough, when I moved out, he moved her in!!All I can say, is this person is not worth it, if they cheat once they will do it again. It took me awhile to get over it, but with your friends help, you will..When one door closes another opens.If you can not trust a person, the trlationship is really worthless!! God Bless.
27 May 08
Thank you for your reply and you're absolutely right. When I first met him was five years ago and his ex-girl friend wouldn't leave us alone. I never did quite figure that out until now. I believe in my heart that he was still with her when he was courting me. He was her first love and she couldn't get over it when he left her for me. I believe he would have left me for the next girl soon enough. I'm still very depress but I'm hoping the next door to open will be a better one.
• India
20 Aug 08
Your situation is similar to mine but it was two years back. It took nearly two full years to come out of it. That was the worst part of my life. That was the period when all kinds of negative thoughts flushed into my mind. I felt like dying. But i am gifted with such caring and very affectionate parents. I just thought for a moment ' Should i die for a person who has left me? Then, what is the value for my parents who are living for me?(since am the only child)? Slowly i started diverting my concentration(though i felt depressed often). But i believe Time has the power to solve anything.I spent more time towards my dear friends and was not alone. I kept myself busy and spent time in orkut reading communities etc.Now, i realise that love is a part of life and not the whole life. God has gifted us a beautiful life and we have no rights to end it. We should face life as it comes and one day, we will be more happy than the amount of pain we underwent. "Life is just a short journey . So enjoy every moment of your life without any worries coz life itself is temporary and all relationships are also temporary." Divert towards prayers.