someone still posting pictures of a dead man

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May 26, 2008 5:40am CST
i do understand that grieving over someone who died a year ago is normal. but in my friend's friendster account she stil posts those pictures. it's hurting in our part since we don't want her to suffer more. what can you say about that.we don't want to interfere but we're afraid she'll get mad on us if we will tell her.
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26 May 08
hey there. i'm sorry about the loss but i think what is happening is that your friend might still want to retain every memory she still has about that person. in time, she'll realize everything and eventually get over it. until then, supporting her is best whatever it is she does to adapt =) take care!
28 May 08
hi again! i hope your friends ok now. i saw that you marked me as best response...just dropping by again to say i appreciate that so much. have a great day ahead of you =)
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28 May 08
yes i do since you have the best response so far and also i like some of your posts. keep it up.