does music can make you relax?

@Mythel (157)
May 26, 2008 7:28am CST
when I'm in stress i often listen to a music especially lively and dance music, it is really a great help for me to relax, calm and overcome my stress? how about you?
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• United States
30 May 08
If I am sad, music won't help. But if I am angry, music does help. I like Heavy Metal when I am angry.It does help me relax.
@Murom0 (15)
• Russian Federation
9 Jun 08
When I am trying to relax I like music with nature sounds like the ocean waves, or birds chirping, or even African drums or something like that. Or watch nature clips at It always works for me.
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@Cannonball (3634)
• France
15 Jun 08
A philosopher said music is the only way for passions to be outshined by themselves and I find it so true! Indeed,music is agreat way to enjoy time and bring us higher,in a better state of mind. I find a great way to relax is also to sing while I listen at my favorite artists! Do you also sing?
• China
28 May 08
Yes,I am with you.Music can make your soul clear.It is a good way to relax your mind.Sometimes, music can arouse our common affection. I especially like to listen to music when I reading. It makes the content much attraction to some extent.
• India
28 May 08
Hi I also listen music when ever I feel dull, unhappy or stressed. Good music has a healing power. It can stimulate brain and reduce stess. Music can make benefits to our mind for a long time even after we stopped listening. Listening music will affect breath rate and heart rate also.
@xixinha (141)
• Portugal
27 May 08
I always listen to music to calm me down especially rock or metal music.
• Malaysia
27 May 08
i love listening to music all the time! yeah music can definitely make me relax and overcome stress! it can also help me take my mind off the stress at work, especially when i have tons of work or when i just want to take a break. i love listening to music and singing in the car too, as it helps take my mind off the traffic and crazy drivers on the road.
@xboy29 (6)
• India
27 May 08
yeah it will make us relax.... but not it applies to evryone... cause everyone don't be interested in music.
• United States
26 May 08
Hey mythel and welcome to mylot. I hope that you have fun here. Yes I do listen to music because it calms me a lot. I like listening to it when I am angry because it calms me down and I'm not as angry as before. Music is magical to me. I don't know what I would do without music.