Do you think online sharing communitites such as warez sites should be deleted?

United States
May 26, 2008 8:15am CST
Im currently in a online sharing community, (not gonna say the name) and ive noticed continuous worries, and our community has moved our server off the shore, and it is now operating in europe where the laws arent as strict. i dont understand why many people are against sharing, as i vaguely remember my teacher in kindergarten telling me; "sharing is caring" I'd like to see the views of the world, instead of a single minded group, please give me your thoughts on this. and as many of you know, many sites are being taken down, especially torrent sites. this is my first discussion here, and i love it here peace
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@owlwings (40841)
• Cambridge, England
26 May 08
Your vague reference to 'sharing is caring' shows that you haven't really thought things through. It is certainly good to share what is yours to share but the music and software that you are sharing is not really yours. It belongs to the people who made and published the music/software and somewhere along the line someone paid for a CD (or whatever) ... and then had the idea that because they paid for that copy, it was theirs to do what they liked with. People like that very often complain about the high price of music and software but ignore the fact that, by copying it illegally and "sharing" it, they are encouraging people NOT to buy - and therefore stealing profit from the people who have a right to make it. I have, of course, heard many of the arguments that say such things as 'large firms are making excessive profits, so depriving them of some of it is legitimate' and 'too many people have their fingers in the pie, which is why the prices are high'. I have even heard it argued that the people who share music on such sites will eventually go out and buy the CD. I have never met anyone yet who says that they would do this! "Caring" means not harming or wishing to do harm to another person. If you were focussed in your philosophy, you would see that copying a work without the owner's permission is, in the long run, not only harmful to the artist or programmer but it also tends to raise the price because the publisher has to build in the costs of reduced sales, expensive technology to prevent illegal copying and, no doubt, legal expenses involved in prosecuting those who break the law. Try, for a moment, imagining that you made your living as a musician, a music publisher, a programmer or a software distributor. If you are honest, you would either have to live by your motto of "Sharing is Caring" and forgo profit for what you worked hard to build, or you would feel annoyed that people are stealing the property that you have a right to expect to some return from. In fact, by saying that your 'community has moved the server off shore ... where the laws aren't as strict' and by not mentioning the name of the organisation, you are admitting that you are knowingly breaking the law, as in fact you are. Legally it doesn't actually matter where the server is. You are subject to the laws of the country you live in and, if you flout a law, you can be charged with an offence under that law. Laws are made to protect various peoples' interests and (provided you live in a democratic country) you have to accept the body of laws as a whole (or work democratically to change them!) Some of them may seem to conflict with your interests but others are made in your favour. Part of being a responsible citizen involves the acceptance of the laws of your country not, it has to be admitted, without question, but, at least, with acknowledgement that the rights of your fellow citizens are as important as your own.