when you are driving...

@landi927 (657)
May 26, 2008 10:29am CST
When i was siting next to the driver tonight, i kept thinking that what music are u guys listening when u are driving? The driver played some heavy rock music and this made my head began to ache. Obviously, in my eyes, soft music is much more comfortable when driving. what about u guys?
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@chennai_b02 (1735)
• India
26 May 08
I am also prefer to hear the soft songs which is more melodious one, when i was rest and when i was in a calm place. But when you drive, if you hear the rock songs, will make you to drive easily, preferrably the cabs drivers those who are driving in day and night, if they hear those soft and melodious songs, they feel sleepy, then it will become a problem for you (the passengers in the car) and your family only. So, its always prefer to choose the music type to play with the driver, preferrably in the night travels. If you are driving, you can hear any songs, according to your mood, if you feel like to hear the melodious songs, you can here some songs in such type, if you feel like to hear some rock, you change the CD and hear that also. I prefer to to hear like that only, for that reason, i have recorded a CD which is the combinations of Devotional Songs, Melodious and also the rock songs.. according to my mood, i will change it..
• India
27 May 08
Thanks for mark the B/R
@jheLaichie (4439)
• Philippines
22 Apr 09
when im driving i love to hear alternative rnb and pop music... where in i cant fall asleep or anything.
@lieanat (1138)
• Malaysia
27 May 08
I prefer listen to soft music and I dislike heavy metal songs as most of it just noisy and meaningless. Especially those lyrics with foul languages or contain wrong teaching in it!
@jyjnl_jia (429)
• China
27 May 08
I have no my own car.But i have driver license and drove car before.I would like to listen to some pop music which i like when my driving.