Smoker or Not?

May 26, 2008 12:00pm CST
I'd like to ask what you girls think of guys that smoke? and vice versa? 'cause I personally prefer non-smoker guys... But it's not that big issue though... I just want to know other people's opinion...
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• Philippines
28 May 08
I'm not a big fan of smokers. Not that I hate them but I just don't like the smell of smoke. My father used to smoke and I haven't gotten used to it ever. I do have friends who smoke and they're respectful. Whenever they feel like smoking, they usually keep their distance. Plus I have a heart complication and smoke makes me palpitate. And a guy smells better if he doesnt smoke.
@xixinha (141)
• Portugal
26 May 08
I dont reaaly care because i am a smoker too. what i dont like is when the guys that are non-smokers tell u that they only dont want to know you better because of this habbit most people have.