Is your borther and your father have close relationship?

@Bebs08 (10685)
United States
May 26, 2008 12:31pm CST
Well, my father and my brother are treating each other like friends. They can spend time talking every topic they want under the sun and they enjoyed laughing together and joking to each other. they really have fun all the time they are together. One time our neighbor was curious of who is it in our house why there was a good laugh? as she gets closer she finally found out that it was my father and my brother, enjoying, telling stories and jokes and they were laughing. she then said, she wish her husband and her son would be that close too. she said that they barely talk each other in their house. Husband is a bit serious and not a type to make jokes with kids. well, some people are like that. What about you? is your brother so close with your father? I bet there are some who are. thanks for sharing,
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