Has Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Declined in Quality?

United States
May 26, 2008 4:25pm CST
I used to consider it a gourmet-brand--more expensive, but worth the extra money. I purchased a pint of the brownie-cheesecake explosion last month expecting it to be wonderful, and it was just okay--edible, not wonderful. Cheaper brands, such as Blue Bunny, were actually better, which I was not expecting. I tried it again, to be sure that it wasn't just the particular flavor that disappointed me, but the cookie dough, which I can easily cross-compare with other brands, was equally disappointing. I assume it must be expensive to maintain as much flavor variety as they do. If they've changed their recipe to reduce expenses, they wouldn't be the only company to do so recently--you can see that Hershey's changed their "white chocolate pecan miniatures" to "pecans 'n' creme," which basically means there isn't enough of a natural white chocolate recipe in that to call it chocolate anymore. Increasing, U.S. made cookies have a chemical aftertaste. They are barely edible. The same is true of cheaper-brand chocolate and now, pretty shockingly, Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Do I have oversensitive taste buds? Do other consumers out there also notice a recent difference?
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• Canada
26 May 08
I have never tried them before, so I can't really say whether or not they have declined. A Ben And Jerry's just opened up in the mall near where I live, so I will have to try them out sometime, but it'll be a first time try, so I'll have no past experience to which to compare my present experience.