have you ever written an ebook?

May 27, 2008 1:03am CST
it's said that writing ebooks is a highly effective way to increase your online earning. internet marketer believe that selling or giving aways ebooks is the most easiest way to get exposure for your sites and drive traffic to them.
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• Philippines
1 Jun 08
Isn't that copyright infringement. I just want to know what type of ebook. Ebook that you personally written then promote in the web? or just writing a paper form book into ebook.
• Pakistan
1 Jun 08
i have not wrote any ebook yet dear
@browneyed (2524)
• United Kingdom
28 May 08
Hi sutanhartanto Yes, I've written an ebook. And I have a couple more in the pipeline. It can be a highly effective income source. But then, so can everything else. One of the things it boils down to is promotion - and reaching that point is an art in itself. A challenging art that I'm yet to conquer.
@hcpoirot (1562)
• Indonesia
27 May 08
How to write an ebook? Can you tell me? I am very curious to know. If you had the site link, just PM me with it, sutan. Thanks.
@hhw521 (216)
• China
27 May 08
really?i have read so many ebooks on internet,internet novels are popular in china,but i do not think i can write one,because reading is more easy than writing.
• Australia
27 May 08
I've thought both about promoting(affiliate) and writing(and selling them) ebooks. I am just too lazy, especially when it comes to writing ebooks. I've also heard that selling ebooks on ebay is a good idea although I've never tried it myself.