United States
May 27, 2008 3:49am CST
i HAVE BEEN thinking aboutthis alot latley..and i dont mean to do it..it just happens..like i yell at people that swear around my son..YET!! i have caught myself doing it alot more than i relize! baddd April!! and then i yell at my sister for being late all the time..and yet as im gettin older i notice i have been late alot lately too..lol..maybe im stressed out lol..i dunno..but little things i have noticed im a hypocrit and im trying to stop..i dont want to be that person..Soo what about you guys and gals? i promise i wont judge ya..were all human..its what makes us...US:) have a good one! April
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• Australia
29 Jun 08
I'm sure I have been in the past. Ok, so not the too distant past. I've been telling other pregnant ladies to rest as much as they can, but do you think I take my own advice? Nope! Attacked the kitchen yesterday, and the washing too, so I think if these other mums to be knew, I'd be getting a serious butt kicking from them! Generally, I don't tell others to do things etc and then do the opposite myself. I think very carefully before opening my mouth these days, as I know there is no cure for foot in mouth disease.
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@Thoroughrob (11748)
• United States
27 May 08
I have, and I have come to the point of trying very hard not to judge. I even find myself telling my kids not to do things that I do myself.
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@cdparazo (5768)
• Philippines
27 May 08
I have done the same things like you did too. At one time, my sister told me to my face that I wasn't practicing what I am preaching and it really got me. However, hypocrisy is a different matter. When one is hypocrite, one is pretending to be otherwise that what one really is. When one believes in something but do something else that is in contrary to that belief, then I would say that one is a hypocrite. When I was much younger, i had experiences wherein I could sadly say that I was a hypocrite and my only excuse for what I did was 'youth'. LOL!
@WebMann (4732)
• Canada
27 May 08
I try not to be a hypocrite because others being hypocrites drives me up the wall. I have a religious background and I see hypocrites all the time. People need a bit of self control. It's like saying something and then saying you're sorry. If people would just take a few seconds to think they may not do the stupid things they do. I probably have some things I am a hypocrite about but I can't think of any and really try to avoid letting that happen.