Ever been cheated by someone and paid for something which u dint wanna buy??

May 27, 2008 8:57am CST
lol..this happened to my friend.. he got a spam email which said he will get some huge discounts in some furniture shops if he forwards that mail with his details to 10 folks..all he got back is lots of crank calls from all advertising sites ..and he was forced to change his mobile number..so he lost some money in breaking his phone contract..lol..atlast he got rid of those probs..anyone got cheated the same way and ended up paying for something which u dint want to buy?!!
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@landi927 (657)
• China
27 May 08
I havn't experienced that before. But i won't believe any spam emails threw into my mailbox. After reading your post, i will be much more careful about this..thanks for sharing~
@smilyn (2963)
• United States
27 May 08
Though I have not got any experience, I know a friend who was caught up in a similar situation. She recieved a sms to her mobile which asked her to forward a particular message to as many numbers as possible. It stated that the person who actually sent the mail was suffering with cancer and that if my friend sends the message to many, he would the person will be getting atleast 2 cents for each message..that was a great scam..But my friend had sent it to atleast 40 people..She lost money in sms'ing..BUt I don't think the person got any..Though interesting, it is also a type of scam..
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• India
27 May 08
Oh wow, you sure seem to be amused!! Well, your friend must have been so hopeful. Thankfully, I just delete spam mail, and don't even bother to open it. So, I don't get cheated. Friends have forwarded me mails saying that if I forward this to 25 people, I will get a free Sony Ericcson and things like that. I just don't believe it. Such spam is common!! Cheers and happy Mylotting
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@faith210 (11232)
• Philippines
28 May 08
Hi venkat2002! Gosh! Your friend might be really pi$$ed with that. I will, if that happened to me. I have never been in that kind of situation before and I hope that I will never be. Take Care and God Bless! Celebrate Life!