Big brother is starting in the UK soon. Are you a fan of Big brother?

big brother - the infamous big brother eye, the logo for the UK version of big bro
May 27, 2008 1:40pm CST
Im so excited that big brother is about to start again here in the UK Do you watch big brother - whichever country you live in and do you like it or not?
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27 May 08
I am a big fan, I have watched every series and will again watch this one which I am pleased to see starts very soon. I do hope they have picked better people than last year, I wanted to strangle Charlie and Carol. I am sure whoever they are, it will be entertaining. I love the way they all start of as friends and then their real personalities come out and all hell breaks loose.
27 May 08
oh i hated charlie and carol too!
• Philippines
27 May 08
Yes I do a fan of big brother. It is interesting to watch people expressing their true selves and facing differenct challenges they are facing everyday. We have that in the Philippines. They have it in different editions. The latest now is.. Teen Edition plus sometimes I couldn't watch some epdisodes when I am online in mylot but we can review it in you tube or pinoy channel in the internet. That is why I can still watch it even if it's the late episode already.. Oh!! glad you will have it in UK soon. good luck!!