Natural weather/tornados

@twallace (2675)
United States
May 27, 2008 2:21pm CST
This year has been the first year that i have ever seen the mid-west have this many twisters and tornados. June first is the beginnig of hurricane season for the east coast and if those cross paths that would be a seriously bad natural disaster.
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• India
5 Jul 08
It has become a routine that natural disasters strike all the parts of the world, in a regular phase. US, and Uk face the wrath of hurricanes and tornados every year, whereas, Japan, Indonesia, china.. are prone to more of earth quakes..and we people in India face the wrath of Heavy floods.. Almost regularly every year.. If at all there are places which are undisturbed by the natural disasters.. then Man makes it.. fights war for an unknown cause.. builds tons of tombs,as if to fulfill the promise he had made while in his mother's Womb.. So very disgusting.. to see these things occuring in the parts of the world. And twallace, tell me when shall this world live in harmony.. in Unison... PEACE..
@twallace (2675)
• United States
5 Jul 08
I wish that I could give an answer to when the world would live in harmony but I can't. The world is changes as time goes on and humanity will feel the affects of everything. One thing I have notices is that the natural disasters that have occurred affect everyone. You could be rich or poor and loose every in one swipe. It seems that when these things happen that is also when most people put their differences aside. They all of a sudden become all on one page when it comes to their living in the world. Rich and poor no longer matters. Maybe that could be part of the answer to the harmony that everyone seeks.
@underdogtoo (9591)
• Philippines
29 May 08
Tornadoes and hurricanes have been known to get really nasty and it is time to be prepared. I never thought that things could really get ugly like hurricane katrina which was a super-bad hurricane.