spam electronic mails?

May 27, 2008 10:34pm CST
hi! whew! i never thought that the first discussion i would start is about electonic mails. i've been saving my first for the music section but after checking my yahoo account today, i've received plenty of emails that i'm pretty sure are spams. this had never happened to me before though. this random pick lottery winners have been so consistent in sending me notices. googleuk for instance had sent me twice a notice already, about claiming my prize, which i don't even want to realize because of the really high rate. and then there's another site who also stated the same although with different amount this time. if i would add all these numbers, they're really dreamy. heh... so i wonder if there are times when such notices are real. you know, you're not joining any contest but winners are randomly picked using their email ids, and so on. even if the prize is like bag of chocolates or concert tickets, perhaps. moreover, i would also be interested if you could tell me details why such spamming is rampant in the web. how does it benefit them for example? thanks for responding in advance. have a nice day and/or a good rest for those people in siesta.
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• United States
15 Nov 10
I write for a few websites and when I do any type of research I have all these third party solicitors trying to sell me something. I have a spam filter but sometimes that doesn't even work well enough. Every now and then it will hit you pretty heavy but if you send most of them to the spam folder they will stop.
@shibham (16999)
• India
21 Jun 10
Hi, i seldom go to my spam folders but never try to open it as i know that my accounts authorities are playing good roles in refining and cheking out them. Later i delete them all. Thanks.
@richiem (3645)
• Philippines
12 Jun 08
I also receive a number of those emails. I would just delete them the moment I saw them. I think this spams (or scams) flourish because they know there are people who would do anything to have easy money. this is coincident to the worsening poverty problems in most countries. Usually, their victims are the ones who are relatively new in the internet community and would earnestly believe that they really won a lottery. I know some friends who have been victimized by such scams. Thankfully, they didn't give these guys a lot of money.