Vodafone advertisements are looking so funny...!

May 28, 2008 11:20am CST
Hi friends, Vodafone advertisements are looking so funny...! Why because they've not prepare the advertisements with film actors or if any. They are generally use dog with little kids only. So, he's not investing more on advertisements. Thats why only Vodafone giving lot of offers compare to other companies like Airtel/TATA/RIM/Any...! The remaining companies are spending lot of money on Advertisements.Why because they are producing the adds with film actors or Cricket players. So it is needed to pay more to those goys. But Vodafone goys dont have that type of problems.They are investing very less money and producing good quality in those adds.Everybody does the interest to see the vodafone adds(including kids also).It is really great thought of Vodafone. Thanks, Hazarath K.
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