Chemtrails or Just JETS?????..U DECIDE!

chemtrails or jets? - Soo tell me..Chemtrails or JETS?
United States
May 28, 2008 9:56pm CST
Soo I have been doing alot of research on the government and weird things that happen all over the world and I came Upon these chemicals released in the Sky all over germany and The USA! Im really kinda pi$4ed off reading about this..they say that on July 1 2007 mjor spraying going on in the Colfax, WI. area. July 2nd 2007 was the same.For the last decade, people all over the world have been watching aircraft leaving behind long white trails in the skies, often in patterns that weave and crisscross or appear in parallel lines and grid formations. Unlike the jet contrails we used to observe, which lasted only minutes, these new formations can last for hours and spread out to form cloud. Researchers of the phenomena call them Chemtrails but the authorities, if they make any comment at all, say they are harmless "ontrails."Despite the fact that the Google search engine will turn up over 800,000 entries for chemtrails, and that both Google and YouTube have many chemtrail videos, the mainstream media is suspiciously silent about the matter, which adds more fuel to what is being said by many concerned people - that these formations pose a danger to the environment and our health. The Discovery Channel, however, was willing to break this silence and has covered the matter in their Best Evidence series in an episode entitled Chemical Contrails. The Discovery Channel website poses this question: Across the planet, millions of people have seen them - jet aircraft vapour trails lingering in the sky. try searches on chemtrails..and this site.. ( and for germany i found something on utube..try this.. ( [link] Soo after reading all this..what do u believe? Conspiracy..or do u think it could be happeneing? with everything i have seen..I deff believe what all i have read and seen..I never trusted the government..they are Evil in my opinion..
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@anawar (2406)
• United States
29 May 08
cloudkicker_ I checked out the link you provided and was not surprised to find a link from there to the H.A.A.R.P. program. This project is fragmented and handed out to different corporations while the research is being done on a top-secret basis. No one is aware of what the total package involves. I think in this case, its an EMP. As Mr. Bush's time draws to an end, I am hoping the American public will learn more and more about how much our government controls us and acts against our best interest without permission for anyone. In the meantime, it's up to people like you who witness these illegal secret missions to document and record any and all evidence of atmospheric experiments involving contrails. It's no surprise our governmnent moves freely without our permission, but it still disgusts and infuriates me.
@winterose (39898)
• Canada
5 Jun 08
I believe I just answered this one, all this stuff causing cancer and deformities and who knows what else. It gets me to wonder what will happen to the future generations of children with all this toxic waste in our society.