Using the "Debit Card" is better??

May 29, 2008 5:57am CST
I think that its better to use the Debit card instead of Credit Card. I am using only Debit Card, i dont have any Credit Card, actually if you are using Debit Card, your liability is very limited. When you use the Credit Card means, you are creating more liability, because without having money in hand, you can elegible to buy the products upto your credit limit. But in Debit card you are elegible to buy the products upto the money available in your bank account, it will not allow you to buy even one rupee more than what you have at your bank account. This may be the right way to use, why unnecessaryly create the liability by using the Credit card.. Buy Safe.. Live with in your limit.. This is my logic.. Other use to tell that why dont we use the opportunity of getting the Free Credit period of 45-50 days by using the Credit card purchases.. but this is the first step to create more liability in your life..
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@richiem (3646)
• Philippines
29 May 08
i'm with you in this thing against credit cards. it's like using the money you don't have yet. it's like counting the chickens before the eggs hatch, when you don't really know if the eggs are going to hatch. i also prefer debit cards than credit card. in debit card, you are using your money that you already have.
• India
29 May 08
Thank you.. Its always better to keep our expenses within our limit
@lermski (55)
• United States
6 Jun 08
Yeah, a debit card is more like a prepaid credit card.
@subha12 (18452)
• India
29 May 08
sometimes it seem so, at least you acn spend only when you have money. there is no chance of wrong credit either there. i prefer debit card.