May 29, 2008 8:14am CST
People nowadays are becoming more ang more dependent on mobile phones that some could even think they will never ever survive without it. Did you ever have instances in your day to day living where you think your life depended on it.
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@Danny08 (395)
• Canada
29 May 08
In this fast changing world, cell phones are becoming a necessity. Now, people who think they could not survive with a cell phone....they must be out of their minds. When CALLER ID became available, PEOPLE said, they cannot live with out it....then came CALLER ID BLOCK....again, people could not live with it. in near future RIM will replace cell phones....and PEOPLE will forget cell phones....THEY CANNOT SURVIVE WITHOUT A RIM...Where does this all stop?? I dont have a caller ID nor a call waiting service at home. Why should I pick and chjoose when answering a phone? This option suits to the people scared of "COLLECTION AGENCIES". And no sense putting someone on HOLD just to say that you are on other line....if someone wanna talk to you and your line is busy, they will call again....why to use CALL WAITING service???
@kittenmc (464)
• United States
29 May 08
We have gone all cell phone because it's cheaper than the house phone. I have been one that forgets and leave it when I go some where and never has really bothered me till lately. Since my mom has been so sick, I will turn around and drive 10 miles to get my phone. So, because of my mom, yes!, I have became clingy to my cell. Plus, my kids have gotten older and I allow them to go more places and stay at home by their self, so yes! For that other reason I have become depend it on my cell. I have always been a worrier and nervous nanny, so having my cell for these 2 reasons gives me more comfort. There are times my cell can really get on my nerves!