Poof, it's gone!

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May 29, 2008 10:06am CST
I hate it when I am all geared up to jump into a discussion, only to get there and see a page saying it has been deleted! This has happened twice today.. the last one being whether or not one should try to please other mylotters by responding to every response to the discussions you start (as I guess she was getting complaints for not responding to all responses).. I really wanted to point out that isn't that supporting your own discussions vastly more than others? (Keeping your own on top.) - Are you sometimes disappointed when a discussion you head to is deleted? - Are you somewhat picky and have firm expectations from other mylotters.. or do you more figure to each their own?
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@makingpots (11920)
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29 May 08
Yes, just recently that has happened to me several times. Poof - gone. I don't expect ANYthing from other myLotters. That would just be silly. We are all here by choice, on our own terms, with our own agenda. IMO it is unwise to expect others to meet our own expectations.
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@makingpots (11920)
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26 Sep 08
Thanks for the best response, flowerchilde.
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