Dish Network guy is here

@lilybug (21145)
United States
May 29, 2008 10:29am CST
Our signal keeps getting lost while trying to watch television. He came out a little bit ago and said there are some branches in the way. He said we could either deal with the branches or he could move the dish off the house and onto a post in the yard. He is out right now moving the dish. To make this a discussion...Do you have Dish Network or Direct TV for your television? Ever have trouble with getting a signal?
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@Gesusdid (1681)
• United States
29 May 08
of course so , my house has been thru about 3 satilite dishes , in the start of things we signed up with Direct TV back in 98 or 97 when they were brand new and everyone else was dealing with the black box oringinal cable ( when it was 10 bucks a month ahh those were the days lol ) so we wanted something different , and Direct TV placed the dish on the corner of the house , in mid November ,when the leave branches were gone ..then came the spring and the leaves grew back on the tree and the singal got all chopped up and pixelated then we got a replacement dish and place that on the further end on of the house , now both of the dishes were at the back yard , this one worked well , only to beleive that the shot of the signal was between two trees was whenever a great windy day came by there was no reason for watching TV , so now , we have Dish Network and they place that one in front of the yard , were the only house with one in the yard looking like odd balls lol that signal doesnt go out as much , our freaking neighbors are the only couple with a forest of trees on the street , and theyre so stuborn that theyre keeping all of them great am i to live next to these floks lol but the basic package of Dish Network kinda sucks compared to Direct Tv we dont get as much channels
@gangus2 (373)
• United States
29 May 08
Yes, we always had to trim the branches off the tree when they got in they. I use to have Dish, I now have Direct. For 15+ years we were a Dish customer. We wanted to upgrade and also add another reciever to the home. Dish had no upgrade deals or programs for exsisting customers; you had to be a new customer in order to any deal. Since all we needed was a new remote, after 15 years the poor thing had seen better days. Dish was going to charge us $35.00 for a new (refurbished) remote. That evening I called Direct, I now have the DVR and a reciever in our bedroom. When I got Dish it was $199.00 for one reciever and a monthly cost of $60.00: no movie channels. Direct was $70.00 for both The DVR and reciever and a monthly charge of $60.00 and I get the NGC that I didn't get with Dish. I was very disappointed with Dish and only after I switched to Direct did Dish continuously call to offer great plans and deals. Also if your equipment fails with Dish, you will have to purchase to replace, with Direct, the equipment is theirs and there is no charge to replace the equipment. Good luck with Dish and hope this was helpful.