My Ebay Account Has Been Suspended

@az03r4 (914)
May 30, 2008 1:10am CST
I've joined ebay for months, also had purchased lots of goods. But with my bad habit which is bid on something that I have no budget for purchasing, huh, now my ebay account has been suspended. I really wanted to buy it, actually. But my paypal amount of money hasn't increased coz I have no online project for weeks or fund my paypal. The sellers their disputes, then my account's suspended. There was nothing I could except telling the sellers about my condition and let my account go away. Now, I've signed up with other account. LOL Do you have experienced such a thing?
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@Gemmygirl1 (2870)
• Australia
30 May 08
Well, i think eBay might not be for you if you insist on buying things you want but know you cant afford to be bidding on. I'm not surprised that your account was suspended, especially if you've done this on more than 1 occasion. As a seller, i would have gone through the same motions & filed a non-paying-bidder-alert against you, especially if you'd done this in the past & your feedback showed that. Otherwise, i would've cancelled your bid & not let you continue with your purchase. Unfortunately, you really need to learn your limits & make sure you pick the right items to buy, that you know you can afford ~ as sellers, we really do get sick of people buying things or bidding & winning things only to be told that they cant afford it. Also, swapping user ID's wont fix the problem coz isn't there a chance that you will make the same mistake again & bid on something you want but cant avoid? You'll only upset another seller & possibly have another account suspended. As for the sellers, well it does cost them a small fortune with constant re-listings & having to sell to the next highest bidder - there really is a lot of messing around involved when buyers don't go through with their purchases, even though they agree to a legal contract. I have experienced people buying from me & refusing to pay, changing their minds or not being able to afford the item & it's very frustrating with having to recover my fees & stuff - you really need to give it a little more thought & be a little more responsible before you make rash decisions. Sorry if it sounds harsh but if everyone did it, there wouldn't be an eBay at all any more.
@az03r4 (914)
• Indonesia
30 May 08
You're right, gemmygirl... If I was the seller, I gotta do the same thing. But now my position is as the defendant. LOL What I must supposed to do to clean my name? I've respond for the sellers disputes, but my account is still suspended. Do you got an idea? Please help me. I promise not to bid a thing unless I have the budget. Thanks.
@bunnybon7 (41852)
• Holiday, Florida
18 Jun 08
my (grown)kids got mine suspended once, a few yrs ago. I tried to solve the dispute, but it didnt seem to go through with ebay, as i never got informed as exactly what happened.
11 Jun 08
Sorry if this sounds really harsh but you deserved your suspension. Setting up a second account was also a very bad mistake as you will be found out and sanctions will be in place on you. You really will have to get this sorted out, pay the sellers and make amends.
@palonghorn (5483)
• United States
11 Jun 08
I have not experienced that, I know how much I have in my paypal account before I start bidding on something, and if it goes above that......I don't keep bidding on it. I have also paid through paypal with my credit card for something from ebay. But I always set a top amount that I am willing to pay for any particular item, and I don't go over that.
@yanna1027 (248)
• United States
10 Jun 08
Ebay will not suspend an account unless they have a valid reason to do so. The fact that you were a non-paying buyer have got you in trouble and suspension. I hope that you learn your lesson and will not just bid and bid on impulse even if you do not have the money to pay for it. Ebay is working hard to make its place a safe trading market for both buyers and sellers. Sellers would surely file a Unpaid Item Alert in order to get rid of joybidders. I will do the same if my time is wasted with joybidders. Good luck!
• Singapore
30 May 08
That is bad. As a eBay seller I am alway wonder in amazement how come some buyers bid and then refused to pay and give all soft of excuses. No choice in order to recover the fee back from eBay, the only choice is to submit a dispute resolution. Maybe you should bid for items that your budget allowed and avoid giving headache to sellers steveniam
• Philippines
30 May 08
Hi there it has never happened to me. I think this time don't do what you did before. If you don't have a budget yet, don't bid right away just watch the item first on your ebay account. I think it would be fair for the seller as well.