What is the craziest dream you ever had?

May 30, 2008 1:20am CST
I was climbing a mountain, and then I fell and I saw someone behind me, a dark figure - I turned around and then I accidentally fell - fortunately I hanged on the ledge and then the figure came and I saw the face.. IT WAS ME! I saw myself o.o Then, i can't remember.. I had a nightmare from that dream, it was so freaky.. any kind of dream that you like to share.
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• India
5 Jun 08
seems you saw a horror movie recently....ha. well the craziest dream i ever seen??? that might be the one in which i saw my fish tank containing cats and my fishes outside the tank...snapping at the cats...
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• India
6 Jun 08
hello parthajena, well that was not the case perhaps ..... i watched a horror sitcom.... but i do not think that i thought about that with so much concern that it will come to torment me in my dreams. anyways thanks for responding to my discussion and have a very good day.
@lady11eve (311)
• Philippines
30 May 08
ever since childhood,i dream of this secret 'street'...if i want to hide ill run there on my dreams or there is just that i want to visit or if im going home that street is where im walking,i also dream taht i see my self sleeping but i am floating on the roof or on the clouds.and most of the nights i dream of the tall white people they are like smokes...but keep on following me...thats really weird cos until now i dream of them...
• India
2 Jun 08
hello lady 11 eve, thanks for responding to my discussion, well i also have something that i dream since i was a child.. it was related to the exams and i am writing the exams and all my pens are breaking and i could not complete my paper and ....dream breaks. any ways have a nice day.,