can you define friend ship?!

May 30, 2008 5:03am CST
[b][u] well i think that the true friends are they who trust each other and have full faith in each other and its hard to find true friends...
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• Mauritius
30 May 08
friendship is when someone have faith on you and you trust him as well, when you care for someone and he does the same thing for you ans a true friend is who is by your side both in your good and bad times as afterall; a friend in need is a friend indeed. friendship is a blessing you give yourself.
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@nicky35 (747)
30 May 08
friends are loyal and stand the test of time,they dont stab you in the back and will always help you if they can
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@DuDaDs (88)
• New Zealand
30 May 08
I always believe that only a true friend is cruelly honest. :) It's a friend that you can count that he/she would always tell the truth. A true friend always has your back and vice versa. and yes in todays world.. True friends are hard to find.
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@julyteen (13256)
• Davao, Philippines
21 Jun 08
a true friend for me is someone who would love you no matter what kind of person you are. someone who will tell you your wrongs and not afraid of expressing it. someone who will keep you in their minds and heart even if distance separates you from each other. and someone who knows your secrets without sharing it to anybody but himself.
@winterose (39893)
• Canada
6 Jun 08
I have true friends, I have always had true friends, friendship is a reciprocal thing a give and take, to have a friendship is to be as good to your friend as you are to yourself, you do things for each other, you help them, support them, love them, go places with them, and they do the same for you.
@jer31558 (3683)
• United States
1 Jun 08
Well, how to answer. I think by example. A friend would say in very cold weather, I have two coats, would you like one? A true friend would say in very cold weather, I have one coat, would you like it?