are you afraid of the dark?

May 30, 2008 6:44am CST
i am. it is my best enemy. i panick when there is a brownout at night. there are all sorts of frightening sights i see in the dark. and sometimes, even closing my eyes, i see things. i know they're only in my mind, but sometimes they become almost real, sometimes i can almost feel them on my skin. i know this is weird. i guess just some phobia or something.
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@TriciaW (2441)
• United States
30 May 08
I am afraid of the dark too. I can deal with it if I have my children around only because I have to be the strong one. I can tell you that my biggest fear is to go blind because of my fear of the dark. I can not imagine what I would do. Heck my heart is racing just talking about it. So know you are not alone I too have fears of the dark.
30 May 08
it feels good to know there are people suffering from what im suffering re darkness. lol but really, im kinda releived to know. because at my age, people tend to be surprised to know im like a little girl scared of the darkness.i can almost name it as a curse. why can't i just go out in the evening and savor the coolness of the night..haay..
• Philippines
30 May 08
Phobia, that's right... You may experienced bad things happened to you in your younger days. But can you tell me about it? You can tell me in my lot ok?
30 May 08
i cannot recall exactly what happened to me in my younger days.from what i understand, phobia is fearing for something that has never happened to you, while trauma is fear because it has happened to you before.