Do you have contact with your childhood friends?

@ajithlal (14616)
May 30, 2008 9:08am CST
I have some contact with my childhood and school friends after orkut has came. I was able to find lots of friends through orkut. Do you have contact with your childhood friends?
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@gmakesmoney (2923)
• United States
30 May 08
I've had the same best friend since the first day of the second grade, in fact we celebrate our anniversary and this September 6th will be 21 years. We have a few other friends that we occasionally keep in touch with on like myspace from our childhood days but none as close as her.
@naseeha (1383)
• India
30 May 08
I relocated some of my school friends through orkut. Orkut has been very helpful.
• Mauritius
30 May 08
Ya I especially contact my two childhood friends, I thin they are the best friends I have and they are the one who have always been by my side. I can say that only h=childhood frinends are true friends as others are only with us during our studies and very rarely we meet them.
@heleni0 (322)
30 May 08
I've been constant contact with my closest childhood friend for my entire life. We went to playgroup, primary school, senior school and college together, before she went away to university. Now we stay in contact through email and Facebook. Facebook has been amazing for me. I'm now in touch with so many people I thought I would never see or speak to again, people I haven't seen in well over a decade. I'm also now speaking regularly to people I didn't speak to much during school.
@checapricorn (16049)
• United States
30 May 08
I don't have anymore contact with my childhood friends. We move long time ago and it ends there. I have not heard anything from them and I do know where they are now. I don't even know if we will recognize each other if ever our path will cross.