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May 30, 2008 9:18am CST
My boyfriend just told me he cheated on me in Maine before he came down to Florida. He even went as far as to say call my family and ask, now hes saying he didnt. What do I do? Who do I believe?
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31 May 08
Believe me. He cheated. Why would he say something like that and then change the story? Hmm...a friend may have told him that he was trying to alleviate his own guilt by telling you or this way if he gets caught he can say he already told you once but you believed what you wanted to believe. Come on. He cheated once and he'll do it again. Don't waste your time.
@sisterjinx (1135)
• United States
30 May 08
Why? Why would he tell you that if it wasn't true. And even if it isn't true and he just said it to hurt you then why would he do that? Ok here's what I feel about this, logically and forgetting the fact that I consider you a daughter. If a man admits cheating and then retracts it then he has no real remorse about the act if it happened. If it didn't happen and he said it just to hurt you then that is a very very horrible thing to do to someone you proclaim to love. If he did cheat and he took responsibility for it then there is always the possibility of forgiveness and moving forward. But without knowing the truth you have to decide if you can. Some do. If you decide to let it go then fine but you have to really and truly let it go. You can't bring it up ever again. If you can't do that then you need to decide what to do from here.