is it right to help an unknown person ?

May 30, 2008 11:52am CST
i have helped an unknow person and i really felt good at that time have you ever help any unknown person ? what was your experience..sometimes i feel people take advantage if they think we are sensible person and we will surely help him. few people betrayed me but i still feel i should help if someone need and i m in a situation to help him...what do you think ? have you ever face this kind of situation ?
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@mantis36 (4223)
• Philippines
30 Sep 11
just send him / her a referral link and no need to worry if known or unknown person he is....
@williamjisir (22900)
• China
30 Sep 11
You are right to have helped an unknown person in need. When I go to a strange city and do not know how to reach my destination, I always ask someone who looks friendly the way and I am always helped. Last week when I was in the provincial city and I was trying to find a hotel with a reasonable price, I met a friendly couple and asked them where I could find one, they happened to live in a cheap hotel to some degree and took me all the way to where they lived and I followed them all the way there. It was a good one with a good price. I was appreciative of their help. In my daily life and work, I also love to help people known or unknown, if I am needed. It is a virtue of us humans to help people. You are a nice person to help one unknown. Keep it up, rajivkumar.
@k8cath (341)
• Philippines
30 May 08
I think help should be coming from the heart and not just helping because you need something from her. When it comes from the heart, you know that you don't need to be paid back with another help from those you did help.. And yes, there will be those who will always take advantage of others, and I admit it, sometimes I also tend to do that especially if I am benefiting so much already. Like in school, I always have my guy friends to carry my bag because I did not avail of the locker my school has to offer for its students. Though my other friends tell me to carry my own bag, those guys would still carry it for me and sometimes, I feel like guilty because they are the ones being tired because of my bag's heaviness..
• United States
30 May 08
Well my question is why would it not be right to help an unknown person? My lover and I have taken in many of people who need a place to stay or somewhere to take a bath. We never ask anything in return. If the person is going to be here for a long time then we request that they find a job. We did take in a young man who took $7,000.00 in money, cameras, and gold from our home. Of course we did take him to court for taking these things. You know it hurt more then upset us. Here we open our home to a person in need and the helped himself. However, we know that not everyone is bad and we will take in people in need. Of course we lock up everything now. We don't give anyone a key to our front door, insted we installed a code base lock. On our home office door we have a finger print scanner.