Proper Grammar and Spelling

Battle Creek, Michigan
May 30, 2008 12:23pm CST
I am wondering why it is so hard for people to use proper grammar and spelling on here. Obviously, since the website is in English, that is the language that is intended to be used on here. There are many fine spell check programs available on the internet. I am very tired of seeing posts with improper spelling, no use of punctuation and no capitalization. It seems a good majority of the posts on here are unintelligible with the poor spelling and horrible grammar. Please people, post correctly or do not post.
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• Canada
30 May 08
Hi Alabamabookworm (my favourite game!). I will continue to post with my spelling mistakes and bad grammer. I do not feel you need a certain amount of education or need English to be your first language inorder to communicate here or anywhere on the web. I have never had any typing lessons or training. I have a university degree and I still have troubles spelling. What about the people with learning disabilities? What about the drunk posters? Lighten up and let everyone post! (dont give me a bad review because my opion is different than yours) There is room here for everyone and every post! Have a great weekend.†
• Battle Creek, Michigan
30 May 08
Absolutely, no bad reviews for a difference opinion. I also agree that English does not need to be the first language or that spelling has to be absolutely perfect, but a lot of the posts on here are atrocious! Some of them I can not even understand. As for the disabled, if they are able enough to get on a computer and type, they are able enough to at least make sure their posts are comprehensible. As for drunk, if you are drunk you do not need to be on here. But, I would never give a bad review for an opinion difference.