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May 30, 2008 12:30pm CST
Which Social Networking site do you use?? As for me..I use Orkut. Its easy n nice n probably the oldest as well
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• India
10 Jun 08
Ya....for me...its Orkut....i like to hanging around with my friends in Orkut....its really full of fun...and its updated version is really interesting....there's lot of application,games,musics,videos, and many more stuffs....all this only you can find it from Orkut....its was very helpful to find my old school friends....for that thank Orkut.... happy Orkuting:-) happy myloting:-)
• India
4 Jun 08
I have always enjoyed these social networking sites and so have certain ill witted individuals who have spoilt communities by exploiting pictures and creating duplicates. Social networking sites are now taking measures to stop such people from creating havoc by personalizing profiles, so that one can choose the level of his/her's profile exposure. I kind of love orkut. I think I started the whole scrapping thing some time back and I'm addicted to it. I tried quitting twice but I somehow got back!
@greenline (14855)
• Canada
30 May 08
I am just on myLot. I do not have any other. I am very happy on myLot meeting with friends around the world, exchanging ideas, giving suggestions, taking suggestions. An excellent place !
@rovian (1927)
• United States
30 May 08
I am not a fan to social networking websites such as MySpace as there is no point to them, except to help the owners make money for themselves. There are exceptions like myLot, Zubby, and Yuwie, which I use because they pay their members.
@dfollin (14735)
• United States
30 May 08
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I use quite afew and love it.I have got some great friends even on my Lot and then Yuwie,myspace,facebook,Wegatta and ZenZuu.There are some things I like about some and then some things on the other.Therefore using more then one Iam happy.
30 May 08
not the best place to enjoy for me is mylot where you dicuss you own issues of life as well as other and sort them out .... and its better to have freinds here then a spammer dens