I just made my first marzipan cake!

Northern Mariana Islands
May 30, 2008 3:19pm CST
Hi! I just made my first marzipan cake! And it really tasted good! I'm actually quite excited about it :) What is your favorite cake?
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• Canada
30 May 08
As soon as I saw the word MARZIPAN spelled the Scandinavian way, I hurried to check your profile and see where you were rom. Norway? Good for you!!! I'm a half-neighbour of yours. As you can see, I'm half Danish. I love Marzipan cakes, and when my husband and I have our formal wedding reception we are going to have a BIG one with all the flags on it (can't remember the Danish spelling, but you know the one I mean in rings with the icing and the flags, right?) I was born in Canada, and I'm still here (hubby's Russian American) but my mother was born in Denmark, and brought her wonderful culture with her. ow close is Norwegian culture to Danish? What do you have that we don't? What do we ave that you don't?
• Northern Mariana Islands
30 May 08
Hehe, the Scaninavian way :p Yeah, we are half neighbours. Yeah.. it's named kransekake in Scandinavia, the thing with the rings. How is it in Canada? Cold and icy..? Don't know much about it really :( The culture is absolutely similar.. There is about no differences at all. We don't have anything I think.. Except for mountains and the passion for skiing. You have flat areas where you grow corn, and there are warmer, nicer weather most of the year. And Denmark have wonderful beaches, which are a few kilometres long. I love Denmark :)