Preparing for an interview... questions you should expect... how to answer them

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May 30, 2008 4:35pm CST
I was trying to help one of my young clients prepare for his first job interview and was telling him some of the questions he should expect like: What are you looking for in a job? What do you think that you can bring to this company? What do you want to accomplish in the next five years? Etc. I am a professional who is also now looking for a job as my place of business just closed yesterday... Please list a few of the questions that you have been asked in a job interview and how you answered them. or Please list a few of the questions that you have asked interviewees and then list the kind of answers that you were looking for and the reason you were asking the questions you asked. Thank you for helping out the job hunting members of the myLot community get good jobs.
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30 May 08
Preparing for an interview is a stressful time, as is losing a job - for that I am sorry! It's been a while since I've interviewed (I am in the military) but, I can tell you that interviewERS want to hear confidence. They WILL ask you about yourself: What makes YOU qualified? Why do YOU deserve this job? What can YOU bring to/do for the company? Essentially, what would make YOU an asset? Be very prepared to answer these types of questions, as this may make or break your interview. This is also what I meant by confidence. If you sound unsure of yourself the interviewer will likely lean towards another, more confident candidate. A lot of interviewEEs get nervous about that part of the interview because, frankly, most people just don't feel comfortable "bragging" about themselves. This is a necessity during the interview process, though. You must convince the interviewer that YOU are the right person for the job. My next tidbit of advice would be research. Do research about the company and job you're applying for. There could be nothing more embarrassing during an interview than walking in and being asked "So, do you know what we do here?" and not knowing what to say... Be prepared. The research aspect comes in to play when answering the YOU questions too. If you don't even know why you're qualified for the job, how will you convince your future employer? Preparation is the key! Lastly, don't forget you're selling yourself, do a good job! Best of luck!
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31 May 08
Thanks for your comments. They are a big help as I must admit that I was feeling like if I even thought highly of myself I was bragging to myself... Prior to reading your comments, I said to myself, "I may not be a perfect employee but I am a good one. I have good references." Now, it's, " I have confidance in my self and in my abilities." The question now will be how to package myself so the employer will want to hire me and the confidence and the research are very good suggestions... thanks.
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@pmenard (139)
9 Sep 08
Have a response ready for these (this may sound obvious): What are your weaknesses? Tell me about you? Be ready with a few different answers with every questions- I had one interview where a interviewer asked me to explain how I creatively solved a problem. He asked me the same question in ten different ways, I had to be quick on my feet. Know your resume - don't get tripped up on a simple question about you.