do you like singing

@leo321 (214)
May 30, 2008 10:46pm CST
i like singing,i go to the KTV every week,what about you?do you like singing?
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@bulaimi (15)
• China
28 Mar 09
yes,when i feel alone ,i must turn on the kugoo player and sing aloud .this way is good for me forgetting loneliness and pressures.
@wxc6822 (185)
• China
20 Mar 09
I am not enjoy singing,but my son like singing very much,he always singing from the morning to the evening,his song is good.i like it.
@zhangdl (24)
• China
7 Aug 08
i like singing very much.even i can't sing very well.i like music.
@guzalnur (136)
• China
22 Jun 08
i love to sing
@rhane7315 (5655)
• Philippines
20 Jun 08
i do. whenever i'm in the mood
• Australia
19 Jun 08
hi leo321, I absolutly love to sing, its a huge part of my life and will not go one day without doing so!
@arcidy (5012)
• United States
2 Jun 08
Yeah I do love to sing I sing all the time when im listing to music. But the only time when im good at it is when im all alone. I usally suck when I try to sing in public mainly because I try to keep my voice down because well its embarasing singing in puplic and having people look at you weird. And plus my voice gets scratchy I would love to take singing lessons.
@jesbellaine (4140)
• Philippines
1 Jun 08
Yeah, but I am a terrible singer hehehe but I still sing in private KTV with my friends. Cheers!
@thaMARKER (2505)
• Philippines
31 May 08
I can't sing very well, I don't have the talent. I love music, it's part of my daily life. Actually, singing would be my wish I had the talent. I've been to KTV a lot of times with friends but I don't sing, I just pick songs for them hehehe..
@adoremay (2065)
• Philippines
31 May 08
i love to sing... I think I am an undiscovered talent for a long time... LOL
• Philippines
31 May 08
I do love singing! Unfortunately, singing doesn't love me back that much. LOL! Well, my friends and I go to the KTV from time to time. Most of my friends are good singers so when we go to the KTV, I just prefer to listen to them. But there are also times when I could get greedy on the mic. LOL!
@cream97 (29146)
• United States
31 May 08
Yes, only when I am in the mood to. I also sing when I am very happy and glad about something.. I love to sing!
• Malaysia
31 May 08
I love singing with my guitar.It neutralises all my pressures for awhile