travelling to Gawahon eco-park

May 31, 2008 7:38am CST
Gawahon eco-park is nice but the place is owned and managed by the government of Victorias City. We were booked from Tuesday morning to Saturday lunchtime. But when we got there, some bigwig is having a day party at the cottage was supposed to be our staff house, and so we had to evacuate and do our cooking in the girls' quarters. After lunch everything had to be brought back to our original quarters. For a group of 70, it was not an easy task. And nobody from the admin helped us. The customer service is so poor. When Saturday came, they wanted us to get out at 10am. We asked them if we could extend until 1 pm because our service vehicle was arriving at 1pm, the guy rudely said that it was in their rules that we should check out at 10am. But when our pastor came, we learned that the check out time was really 12 noon. Talk about really bad service and poor customer relations. We felt that people were having a power struggle in the place. Anyway, we are not considering Gawahon Eco-Park anymore for a camp. A retreat for a small party would be good, however, if they continue with that kind of service, we would not want to go back there. I would not recommend the place to others, too. Have you experienced something like this?
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