guillotine girl

@allen0187 (34242)
May 31, 2008 9:16am CST
hi fellow urbandub fans. i've been watching the video of urbandub's "guillotine" and i just can't get enough of it. yesterday, at the office, it was playing the whole time in my pc and i mean the whole time. my office mates were kinda annoyed already hearing the song endlessly. i like the song a lot. ilove the music and the lyrics are just pure genius but the real reason i can't have enough of the video is because i'm smitten with the girl featured in it. she's a real looker. i wouldn't mind getting punched or hosed down by that girl as long as i can lock lips with her. lol!!! my question is who's that girl and can someone please give information about her. to those not familiar with the video, i doubt if that's the case but who knows, go to youtube and type "guillotine" in the search's the first entry. again, it's urbandub's 'guillotine". watch teh video and you'll definitely like the song and fall in love with the girl. thanks!!!
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