Does a Millionaire enjoy life more?

London, England
May 31, 2008 5:50pm CST
I think ordinary people enjoy life more than Millionaires. What do you think? Does a Millionaire have a more enjoyable life?
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• Australia
1 Jun 08
I don't think either millionaires or poor people enjoy life more. It's all a question of what you are accustomed to. For a poor person they may worry where the next meal or rent payment is coming from. The same is not true for a millionaire. But then, they might be worried about the stock market crashing or something like that instead. Personally, I don't want to be a millionaire. However, I would like to be a person that doesn't have to constantly worry about how to pay bills. LOL, at the rate house prices are rising here in Australia I'll be a millionaire whether I want to be or not.
• Philippines
1 Jun 08
well, it would really depend on what drives a person. let's admit that money gives a lot of edge in terms of happiness - say, touring the globe and seeing places can be done by a millionaire easily. but happiness, some may say, that seeing and spending your hard earned money. well, we just cant tell if these millionaires never worked really hard for that. i think there's a lot of perspective and a lot of definitions that we need to answer this objectively. now, i would say, the person that is living his life in accordance to his values enjoy life more - regardless of wealth. good day!
@Erratic (723)
• Australia
1 Jun 08
A very interesting question. If you give me a million I would be happy to put it to the test.
@naseeha (1383)
• India
31 May 08
a millionaire may have all the money he wants. But he cannot enjoy it fully because he needs to keep it safe. So he would be worried. And also he would be afraid of his enemies. So being a poor man without worries is better than being a millionaire