do you hate paris hilton?

June 1, 2008 2:26am CST
hate her, love her. that's what i always hear people say about paris hilton. as for me, i dont give a damn about other people, especially celebrities. the life you see them living is mostly just on the surface. you really never know what their life is off cam.
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@saizo6 (2208)
• United States
1 Jun 08
I completely agree. As for Paris Hilton, I don't care enough for her to hate or love her. Everything she does has nothing to do with me and I don't see a point in hating or loving her. I personally don't know her so I couldn't care less. We should be more concerned about ourselves instead of paying attention to what some celebrity does.
1 Jun 08
very well said :) i think it's a waste of time to obssesively follow celebrities' lives.
@Jemina (5773)
4 Jun 08
Not that I hate her but I don't care about her either. I may not patronize any of her products and/or movies. But I think that Paris is a good spoiled brat because she doesn't just sit and make scandals to be noticed by the public. Even if she is alreay rich as an heiress, still she finds time to make her own money buy working as an actress, model, singer and what else? Other children of rich people don't have to to do anything but to spend. Paris sees her popularity as an opportunity to make her own money.