Do you still belive in courting

@mizcash (686)
June 1, 2008 2:40am CST
do you still believe in the art of courting, that art seem to be disipitating, with so many one night stands and people just quickly hooking up and living together. I guess it must just be me, because i see a real problem there. People are not going through the stages of getting to know someone and falling inlove then get married. Some of these divorces could be avoided by doing things the old fashion way.
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@cjgrooms (4456)
• United States
1 Jun 08
For some reason young people seem to think that being physically attracted means they are "in love" which of course as soon as they get to know each other outside the bedroom they realize that they don't even like each other much less love each other. I have two words for newly dating couples-chastity belt- now that would put a quick end to hormone induced "love" and stop a lot of divorces. LOL Do you think young people would go for it?
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@academic2 (7005)
• Uganda
31 Jul 08
In Africa, courtship is still a way of life in the rural areas, especially among the uneducated. In Karamoja in Uganda, there a courtship rapes which are acceptable, A young man sees a girl and falls in love-there after, he approaches her, and expresses to her verbal love-the next time they meet in the wild while the girl has gone to fetch fire wood, he engages in the ritual of chasing- if he chases the girl and catches up with her, then he attempts to rape her-usually the girls have a way of making access to her "body" very difficult, so the young is forced to use violent tactics like kicking the girl's pevis area to weaken her resisitance-once he has weakened her, bruised and sometimes caused real bodily harm on her, he then deescends on her sexually-from that point on, the girl becomes his offial fiancee and a stake is put on her-this rape ritual courtship is still respected in this part of my country. But for the western educated here, this is really dying out as a practice.
@property (453)
• United States
31 Jul 08
Yikes!!! i admit, i had no previous knowledge of that practice. Do the girls intentionaly go off on their own, knowing that they might be caught? Or are the caught unaware? Do they always resist? Is that part of the game? i wouldn't want to get kicked...a little struggle might be fun though...WOW...i learn more stuff here on mylot.
@ratyz5 (7752)
• Philippines
2 Jun 08
Well, I for one still believe on that sense of getting to know those that you are interested in. It makes relationships more intimate than a sudden moment of impulse after impulse. Thinking that times have changed certainly leaves what used to be nice. Thinking fast with technology along with how relationships could be made. Not thinking that such things like relationships are nurtured first. Takes time than operations wherein you can just switch off if your fed up or want to start over. There are advantages as time change but, its among individuals to think of what to maintain, what to improve and what to leave behind when it comes to things.
@gloreymay (882)
• Philippines
1 Jun 08
Yes I do. In a relationship courting maybe a get to know stage. Knowing your partner is a lot more important. In courting, the guy will usually present or show the most beautiful things about him but when you get to know him better there are some that been change that's why courtship is the first step in a relationship. And may serve a guide on what kind of person you're into.
@kun2349 (23381)
• Singapore
1 Jun 08
I do believe in courting.. Though it's tedious for a guy, but at least the results will be sweet, as well as the process will be fun and memorable ^_^ During courtship, both parties can determined or roughly know if they are suited for each other instead of jumping into it straight away and regretting it later, causing them to fall out and not being frenz anymore.. SO courtship is a process for us to see each other better in many aspects and not just being physically attractive..