Love unconditonaly

June 1, 2008 2:42am CST
I watched a documentary in a TV channel, itz about human brain. It says that being madly in love is a kind addiction, it says it pumps chemical to a brain area, the same stuff happens to drug addicts !! hmmmm. For me love in sacrifice, itz giving our love, if we are thinking about possessing a person it becomes selfish, it is ok if the partner want to marry him/her. but what i am saying is love have nothing to do with marriage , love can continue without marriage. True love comes directly from our soul which will remain for ever.. so what is love for you guys out there?
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@raclie (1732)
• Singapore
1 Jun 08
i think love is what you think it is, something sweet, something which gives you strenght, something that makes your heart swell up when ever you see that person, that will make you do anything for that person. love is never being able to accept the fact that he/she is not yours but in someone's arms and love will not allow you to forget that person. love will give you light in the darkest nights and will give you the energy to carry on even when all is lost. love is sweet, love is kind, love will make you think someone is perfect even if he is far from it. love will not allow you to see past the bad points, but is loving someone despite their bad points. love is as gentle as a sigh, but as strong as a mighty storm. love is the best thing and it is the only thing that will remind us that we are human. i love love... i think it is the greatest thing there is.
• Colombia
3 Jun 08
Probably that's the reason to explain why sometimes we lost the control of our life and become totally stupid. These situation is not coming from our soul. But truly love depends on what every person think it is, and the best is how you feel with the other person.