This is how we live in 2035!

Northern Mariana Islands
June 1, 2008 5:21am CST
This, is how we will live in 2035. Everything is calculated by experts. We will move to the bigger cities, and the cities will grow. Many people thought that the Internet would make people live in the districts, but it didn't help. There will be many more high houses, more green areas, moving houses, intelligent houses, more houses made in tree and houses that make energy by themselves. The highhouses will be built in tree. How will we work? There will be more robots and machines that can take the work from humans. The cars will be linked together in some kind of a car train. There will be trucks/bus/cars without drivers. There will be many more kinds of planes. The "Cartrains" will will reduce traffic, and you will need less gas. There will be hybrids between cars, mopeds and bikes, like a mopedcar for easier transport in the cities. Other: There will be more cameras that can see us all the time, so our private lives will be totally changed. Criminality will be changed, and there will be more criminality on Internet, and less on the streets. Experts say that we will have some kind of mechanism in our body that can tell us everything about our health. What did people think about the future in the past? In the 1800s people thought we would make huge cities under water, and have rolling sidewalks. In the 50s and 60s people thought we would make our houses in plastic, and we would build huts on the moon. In the 80s, people believed that we would have flying cars, LCD TVs (Which we actually have), all kind of weird clothes that could tell us how hot there is, our health conditions and much more. I hope you enjoyed this!
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